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She holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest saree drape.She entered politics in 2004 and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).She was made president of the newly created Health and Cultural Cell of the BJP.Her father, Nana Chudasama, was a well known critic of BJP and its leader Narendra Modi for its handling of the post-Godhra riots.One of her other ways is to wear two sarees at a time.Shaina does not use swarovski(crystals) on her sarees but does employ embroidery, sequins, and kundans to match them with blouses of different styles ranging from halterneck to spaghetti strap, choli, and long choli.

Indian women traditionally wear a saree over a petticoat, but in one of her styles, Shaina wears a saree over trousers.

As a female politician, she is often projected as the young, urbane, and women-friendly face of the BJP in television debates.

Shaina's father, Nana Chudasama, is a former Sheriff of Mumbai.

Suneeta's husband died in this attack and later she was robbed of government compensation by her brother-in-law.

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The NGO also organises healthcare, family planning, and AIDs awareness programmes.

Shaina's mother, Munira Chudasama, has been in the fashion design industry for many decades.

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